Electronic publications

 (with D. N. E. Magee) A checklist of transcribed hieratic documents in the papers of the late Professor Jaroslav Cerný at the Griffith Institute. Oxford: Griffith Institute. A revised version: http://www.ashmol.ox.ac.uk/gri/4hicheck.html [59] 

(with E. Miles) Checklist of 19th-century "studio photographs" of Egypt in the Archive of the Griffith Institute. Part 1: Alexandria to Cairo, including Islamic monuments. Part 2: Saqqara to Luxor. Part 3: Deir el-Bahri to Kom Ombo. Part 4: Aswan, Nubia and 19th century Egypt. (on the Griffith Institute's website) [114]

Electronic publications and Egyptology. (on the Griffith Institute's website) [115]

The archive of J. J. Clère. (on the Griffith Institute's website) [118]

Treasures of Egypt. Textiles from the Czech and Moravian Collections. [147]

(with Jonathan Moffett, Elizabeth Miles, Sue Hutchison and Diana Magee) Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation. [A computerized database of Howard Carter's excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun] (on the Griffith Institute's website.) 2000-4) [149]

(with Gregor Neunert, Lindsay Allen and Jonathan Moffett) The Search for Tutankhamun [An Internet-based publication of Howard Carter's records of the excavations in the Valley of the Kings 1915-22.] [161]
Primary Sources of the Old Kingdom. On the BBC History web site. [168]

 (with Jonathan Moffett et al.) Egyptian Mirage. (19th-century photographs of Egypt in the Archive of the Griffith Institute) [170]

(with Jonathan Moffett et al.) Levantine Mirage. (19th-century photographs of the Levant in the Archive of the Griffith Institute) [171]

Introductory address. Meeting on archiving Egyptological and Ancient Near Eastern resources on the Internet, held in Oxford on November 28, 2003. [173]