Chariot to Heaven


Jaromir Malek

© Jaromir Malek 2011


The story takes place in Mennufer (better known by its Greek name, Memphis), the capital of ancient Egypt, during the reign of King Tutankhamun (1336-1327 BC). The characters of the children, Ipi and Meryt, have been created by the authors, but the historical background is correct. The cause of Tutankhamun's death is not known and the explanation offered in this story is fictional.




The prologue.
1. The city of Mennufer awakens.
2. A cloud of dust in the desert.
3. A deadly encounter.
4. The men of the western gang.
5. The sand cat.
6. A narrow escape.
7. Haremhab's house of eternity.
8. Artists at work.
9. Tutankhamun's palace.
10. Hide-and-seek.
11. A night visit.
12. Nedjmet to the rescue.
13. A foreboding of tragedy.
14. The house of the Aten and its tenants.
15. The last chariot ride.
The epilogue.