The tomb of Tutankhamun: current publication projects

a. Monographic

(full catalogue publication of the object)

9th revised version  6 July 2015

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The bibliography of publications concerning the tomb of Tutankhamun 2005-2014

will be available here soon

                                                      topic                                          current state of research       completion date

A. M. Dodson                              coffins, canopic                       about 90% finished               2020

                                                      equipment and related


Christine DuMars                      composite unguent vase       completed                              to be ready for                                                       Carter 360                                                                                  publication by the                                                          (see  also Lise Manniche)                                                      end of 2015

Maria Rosa Guasch                  ritual beds/couches                ongoing

                                                       (see also Elizabeth

                                                       Cummins, section b)

Salima Ikram and André          stick and staves, leather         ongoing


S. Seidlmayer and Christian    gold foil from chariots             ongoing


Dilwyn Jones                              shields                                       in an advanced state

Christian E. Loeben                  boxes and chests                    completed, topic of an

                                                                                                           MA thesis and

                                                                                                           publication may be

                                                                                                           considered in the future

Lise Manniche                            calcite vessels                          being completed                    end 2015

                                                       (see also Christine                  


G. T. Martin                                    shabtis                                      manuscript in an

                                                       (see also Cintia Gama            advanced state

Naoko Nishimoto                        folding bed Carter 586            ongoing                                    end 2014

Lyla Pinch-Brock                         fragments of paintings on       ongoing

                                                        the inside of the door into

                                                        the Burial Chamber

Christina Riggs                            Harry Burton's                           ongoing


Cintia Gama Rolland                  shabtis                                        ongoing                                    probably 2015

                                                        (see also G. T. Martin)

Betty Schneider                            wine jars and residues             ongoing (based on               late 2014

                                                                                                               Tutankhamun: Anatomy

                                                                                                                of an Excavation)
Jan Summers                                head-rests and linen                ongoing                                  article on the

                                                          shroud                                                                                          shroud to be

                                                           (see also Mykola Tarasenko)                                                  published in

                                                                                                                                                                  the autumn


W. J. Tait                                            writing materials                       ongoing                                  before autumn


Mykola Tarasenko                           head-rest Carter  403c             completed                              to be                                                                                 (see also Jan Summers)                                                          published                                                                                                                                                                               soon

Gillian Vogelsang-                           textiles and garments             application for                         2018 or 2020

Eastwood and Olaf Kaper             catalogue                                   funding made