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Now published:

The Best of the Best Horror of the Year, 10 Years of Essential Short Fiction, ed. by Ellen Datlow. Nightshade Books, October 2018.

Publishers’ Weekly for July 26th named this collection which reprints Jane’s story, Majorlena, as one of the most anticipated books of this fall. Preeminent horror editor Datlow selects the darkest and most gleaming gems from 10 years of her outstanding annual horror anthologies.

And now from Publisher’s Weekly:

Datlow’s 10th-anniversary volume of horror shorts is a stunning and flawless collection that showcases the most terrifyingly beautiful writing of the genre …. Datlow’s palate for the fearful and the chilling knows no genre constraint, encompassing the undead, the supernatural, and the cruelty perpetrated by ordinary humans. Exciting, literary, and utterly scary, this anthology is nothing short of exceptional.