Historical crime

The 'Lord Ambrose' trilogy, published by Headline

Let There Be Blood, 1997, paperback 1998, German rights Econ

The Egyptian Coffin, 1997, paperback 1998, German rights Econ

Fool's Gold, 1998, paperback 1999

All three re-published Berkley, 2004-6

'Monet' books

In the Kingdom of Mists, Doubleday 2002, Black Swanm 2003, US ed. Berkley Prime Crime 2004, paperback 2005, Japanese and Italian (Ponte alle Grazie) rights sold

In the City of Dark Waters, Berkley Prime Crime, 2006

Modern crime

The 'Cecil Galant' trilogy

Death in the South of France, Allison & Busby, 2001, paperback 2003, German right Ullstein

Death at Versailles, Allison & Busby, 2002

Death in Cognac, unpublished

Collected short stories

A Bracelet of Bright Hair, Sarob Press, 2011



Newton. A Beginner's Guide, Hodder, 2001

Two editions of eighteenth-century recipe books

Kidder's receipts, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, 2001 (won the Museums' Association Book of the Year Award)

Ralph Ayres' Cookery Book, Bodleian Library, 2006